Tereshkin A.M. 2012. Ichneumoninae Stenopneusticae [pp. 289-299]. In: Annotated catalogue of the insects of Russian Far East. I.Hymenoptera.Vladivostok:1-635 (in Russian).


Annotated catalog of 251 species from 79 genera of the subfamily Ichneumoninae (Ichneumonidae, Hymenoptera) from the Russian Far East. Status changed: Notoplatylabus conterraneus Tereshkin, 1993, stat. n. (Notoplatylabus podolicus conterraneus Tereshkin, 1993). Gnus name Dilleria Tereshkin is changed to Dilleriella Tereshkin, nom. n. [Dilleria Tereshkin, 1994, nom. praeocc. nec Dilleria Earl, 1973 (Protozoa)].

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