Tereshkin A.M. 2009.Illustrated key to the tribes of subfamilia Ichneumoninae and genera of the tribe Platylabini of world fauna (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae). Linzer biol. Beitr., 41/2: 1317-1608 (Full text with colour Plates) .


Detailed descriptions of 60 Ichneumoninae species, 37 Platylabini genera, and 27 tribes and subtribes of Ichneumoninae subfamily of the world fauna are presented in this article. Cratolaboides nov.gen. is described. Schematic illustrations of separate parts of Ichneumoninae body and terminology used in taxonomic works by different authors are provided. An attempt was made to unify terminological means used in Ichneumoninae terminology. Maximally standardized scheme of the description of ichneumon flies is supposed to ease the realization of comparative investigations and fulfillment of new descriptions. All considered taxa are illustrated by standard color tables including a total drawing of species and most meaningful in the taxonomy of the group parts of body (head in two foreshortenings, propodeum and 1-2 segments of abdomen), executed in accordance with a unified scheme. In case of need, drawings of other structures characterizing taxon of certain rank are presented in addition. Thus, a graphic representation corresponds to a verbal description of each taxonomic character. Platylabini taxonomic characters used for definition of generic structure of the group are specified. Basing on this, conclusion on the possibility of usage of certain taxonomic characters and their combination to identify tribal belonging (to characterize tribe as a whole as an example to develop Ichneumoninae tribal structure) were made. The article is illustrated by 482 drawings including 146 black and white drawings, illustrating morphology peculiarities of different systematic groups, and 336 colored drawings tabulated in 60 tables, illustrating morphological peculiarities of taxa under consideration.

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