Tereshkin A.M. 2013. Taxonomic notes about ichneumon fly Coelichneumon torsor (THUNBERG 1822) and illustrated description of Hybophorellus injucundus (WESMAEL 1852) (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Ichneumoninae). Linzer biol. Beitr., 45,1: 913-927.


The article presents data on the systematic and ecology of Coelichneumon torsor (THUNBERG 1822) on the southern border of its distribution. Peculiarities of males and females morphology, distinguishing them from closely-related species C. haemorrhoidalis (GRAVENHORST 1820) and allowing to confirm of their independent status are discussed in detail. The article includes the tables with color illustrations both the total image of male and female of the species and taxonomically important parts of a body with images of theirs taxonomic characters too. The detailed descriptions of the males and females of Hybophorellus injucundus (WESMAEL 1854) are presented. Peculiarities of female’s morphology are illustrated by color images.

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