Tereshkin A.M. 2015. Ichneumon flies of the tribe Joppocryptini of Palaearctic. Description of new genus Londokia nov. gen. and two new species L. kasparyani nov.sp. и L. leleji nov. sp. (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Ichneumoninae). Linzer biol. Beitr., 47,2: 1865-1884.


Detailed descriptions of 4 species and 2 genera of the tribe Joppocryptini, not numerous in Palaearctic region are presented in the article. New taxa, genus Londokia nov. gen. with two species L. kasparyani nov.sp. and L. leleji nov sp. from Russian Far East are described. Standard color plates of illustrations for Pseudoplatylabus violentus (Grav.) and Londokia kasparyani nov. gen. et species, illustrating all characters both palaearctic genera are presented.

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